Sunday, May 9, 2010

You are what you eat...

On my new plight for healthy living, and supporting small traders at the same time; here are a few NY based indie foodies who work hard to deliver you the best quality delights: ~ keep track of that calcium intake! good thing i love dairy :) worried about getting pre-mature osteoporosis...

a special jam to go with the peanut butter ~

grocery shopping can't get any fresher than this, meet you at one of the communal drop-offs ~

who ever gets sick of ice cream?! now your favorite creamy flavors are hand-made and can be delivered straight to your door, what can be better than that i ask you? just in time for the summer too! i'm gonna have my ice cream stocked up this year..

healthy packed sandwiches in from a picnic basket that's delivered to you on those busy weekdays, when you can't go out for lunch here you go ~

Here's to a healthier diet & lifestyle everybody!!! More to come...

365 Cleanse

Tried a 1-month cleanse but don't worry it's not one of those liquid diet types with only lime, and pepper juice. 365 cleanse was on sale at non other than, Wholefoods, and it cleanses while you still eat your regular meals. I was long overdue for some kind of a cleanse so I just bought it. At the end of the trial, I did feel a little bit more "cleaner". Going to need to remind myself to do it every 6 months if possible.. Need to flush a lot of crap from the system if you take a lot of crap in!