Sunday, January 24, 2010

More Cushion Pushin'

Big props to full bodied vocalists like Adele and Beth of the band GOSSIP. It gives young girls, and even grown women a big boost for their self-esteem as they don't feel pressured to look a certain mold that mainstream artists protray in the media. And not to mention they are bursting with talent, too!

P.S: My fave Adele song is 'Chasing Pavements'

Gimme a Break

Websites such as Underground Station give us middle income peeps a chance to get at those to-die-for boots. Like these Baby Phat Nicole boots, in grey! [I'm crazy over the color grey at the mo']

Not Just for Show

Not only am I crazy about stuff to wear, and decor with; I'm a cosmetic, skincare, and beauty freak, too! Back in KL I used to go to Strip ( religiously to wax all the unsightly strays. I blame my dad's genes for the hairiness I inheritated - thanks non-present father in Bangi! Anyhoo, with waxing, there's bound to be ingrown hairs. To get rid of those pesky itches, I used to use Strip's X cream, which worked wonders. To think I was going to find it here in the US was an high expectation from my end, as I never found it or anything equally as good. Until I found Tend Skin liquid. I used some of my boyfriend's mother's stash when I was over for X'mas, (shhh!) and it worked even though I used it only once. So, there you go yet another item to add on to my endless shopping list. Phew!

Brokeback in Malaysia

Way back when I was in high school, or sekolah menengah, in KL; I would only dream of things that I wanted to own. Even when I started working I couldn't afford the better, branded stuff like say these white-framed Ray Bans I always wanted. And now I can *happy tears*... Sorry for the sop story, but honestly that's the hard knock life for you. Working hard, perserverence, and patience is worth it. Trust me ;) You will get that dream top, accessory, car, house, man - whatever - you will get it if you don't stop believing!

Speaking of which...

Since my lease for the apartment will soon be over in June, I have to start looking for more furniture, no? Don't you love bean bags, how they just follow the shape of your bottom as your crash down their cushy soft-ness? I was think about getting a Sumo bean bag, it's like a bean bag with frills! Especially the Omni :D

Confessions of an online Shopaholic

I discovered online shopping early 2009, and since then I can't stop! It's like giving yourself a present every once in a while (which is once a week in my vocab). I'm trying to stagger the purchases, and sometimes just sometimes I tend to slip and go on a shopping spree. Everywhere I look I see something that I want, and it's a plus that the stuff that I'm attracted to give to a charitable cause, which gives you more reason to just buy, buy, buy! Afterall, it isn't all in vain? Well, I must admit that some are for sheer pleasure of owning something new and different, or just plain pretty :) Like these links that I came across. God (Allah) please give me the strength! It makes me wanna bling up my phone, but the thing is I don't have a flossy phone like an iPhone, or a Blackberry. So, that gets me thinking, seeing that I'm on a roll on everything new in 2010; that a new phone is in the near future, perhaps? hehehe...

Never too Late to Start Anew

Back in 2001/02 or somewhere around there, I remember my close girlfriend N had given me the most simplest yet wisest advice that I needed to hear at that moment. I was in, I think the most darkest age in my life. I was caught up in the whole rave scene and had a very unhealthy lifestyle of recreational drugs, alcohol, sleepless nights and mal-nourished days. By that time the side effects had been full blown and I was feeling bouts of paranoia, insecurity, and depression. I confided in N at a once popular club in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia called Movement, of all the negativity that I had been feeling for what I felt was the longest time, was simply: "Just put it in a bubble and blow it away." And... I did, something so simple helped me heal from what I once thought could never be cured. The cliche is true: it's all in the mind. Even though some may say that it may be a bit too late to start a blog now, but frankly, I don't really care, Y can't I?