Sunday, January 24, 2010

Confessions of an online Shopaholic

I discovered online shopping early 2009, and since then I can't stop! It's like giving yourself a present every once in a while (which is once a week in my vocab). I'm trying to stagger the purchases, and sometimes just sometimes I tend to slip and go on a shopping spree. Everywhere I look I see something that I want, and it's a plus that the stuff that I'm attracted to give to a charitable cause, which gives you more reason to just buy, buy, buy! Afterall, it isn't all in vain? Well, I must admit that some are for sheer pleasure of owning something new and different, or just plain pretty :) Like these links that I came across. God (Allah) please give me the strength! It makes me wanna bling up my phone, but the thing is I don't have a flossy phone like an iPhone, or a Blackberry. So, that gets me thinking, seeing that I'm on a roll on everything new in 2010; that a new phone is in the near future, perhaps? hehehe...

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