Sunday, January 24, 2010

Not Just for Show

Not only am I crazy about stuff to wear, and decor with; I'm a cosmetic, skincare, and beauty freak, too! Back in KL I used to go to Strip ( religiously to wax all the unsightly strays. I blame my dad's genes for the hairiness I inheritated - thanks non-present father in Bangi! Anyhoo, with waxing, there's bound to be ingrown hairs. To get rid of those pesky itches, I used to use Strip's X cream, which worked wonders. To think I was going to find it here in the US was an high expectation from my end, as I never found it or anything equally as good. Until I found Tend Skin liquid. I used some of my boyfriend's mother's stash when I was over for X'mas, (shhh!) and it worked even though I used it only once. So, there you go yet another item to add on to my endless shopping list. Phew!

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