Sunday, May 9, 2010

You are what you eat...

On my new plight for healthy living, and supporting small traders at the same time; here are a few NY based indie foodies who work hard to deliver you the best quality delights: ~ keep track of that calcium intake! good thing i love dairy :) worried about getting pre-mature osteoporosis...

a special jam to go with the peanut butter ~

grocery shopping can't get any fresher than this, meet you at one of the communal drop-offs ~

who ever gets sick of ice cream?! now your favorite creamy flavors are hand-made and can be delivered straight to your door, what can be better than that i ask you? just in time for the summer too! i'm gonna have my ice cream stocked up this year..

healthy packed sandwiches in from a picnic basket that's delivered to you on those busy weekdays, when you can't go out for lunch here you go ~

Here's to a healthier diet & lifestyle everybody!!! More to come...

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