Monday, February 7, 2011

Farewell Friendster

We all do respect, Friendster was officially the first form of social media in the form of a profile page, but like anything else, when something new comes along, old things loose their novelty and in this case, Facebook came along and the rest just cease to exist - except for Twitter (from the looks of it). As an tribute to Friendster before I shut it down completely, which I've had a hard time doing, I shall extract everything from it. I already have the pictures, well what was left of them, to my FB. My albums, to my surprise were gone? Weird...

I felt all those hours of uploading and thinking up witty captions of 5 pictures (out of like 200) at a time, were just wasted. Well, good thing most of them are in my external drive. Sometimes I think why am I even obliged to post up pictures of every occasion/vacation/party/birthday/etc. onto FB? It's become such a chore. I have pictures I haven't posted since last April! It's more because people are expecting to see your pictures; like you took pictures of a friend's birthday, your boyfriend wants to show off our vacay pix, your mom wants to keep track of your life through your pictures and make sure you're not on crack or selling yourself on the street ..and stuff like that..
Why don't they make it easier to upload and edit photos? Why does the computer start hanging when you're captioning and tagging people, then you have to do it all over again - at which point you're fed up and let it go for a another few months...

Like, really? Photos on FB? It's too late now. I've got too many pictures to turn back and pretend like they were never taken. It'd be a shame not to share such beautiful, irreplaceable memories anyway... *sigh*

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