Monday, March 7, 2011

The Crazies!

Such a crazy Monday - March 7th 2011, first day of being 29 years old – it has been! First I find out that my colleague found a huge fibroid in her womb, my boyfriend's have a panic attach cos he has an intense teaching observation today & Wednesday, that I’ll be going to cover my colleague in DC this weekend, have to cancel going to my friend’s birthday brunch on Saturday which sucks, invited two girlfriends to join me in DC since they wanted to go to a trip nearby, that my boss’ wife is pregnant, that my friend just gave birth to her first son!, I saw the sickest baby yoga video EVER, that I have to do the monthly report by myself and the deadline’s in 3 days (not forgetting that's it the first day of my ride on the crimson tide)… *GAH*

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